Ep. 03: Mighty Change of Heart

In this episode, Josh and Dallan discuss their most recent blog posts, the real reason behind why we should keep the commandments, and how to actually keep the commandments.

Show Notes:

“After All We Can Do” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means (Shorter Post)

Understanding Nephi’s Phrase: “After All We Can Do” (Longer Post)

Einstein Quote (it appears that Einstein did not say it, but it’s still a nice thought)

1 Ne. 11

2 Ne. 25.23

2 Ne. 31.19

The Gift of Grace by Pres. Uchtdorf

If ye love me... (John 14.15)

Wrought a mighty change (Mosiah 5.2)

He first loved us (John 4.19)

Faith & repentance brings a change of heart (Hel. 15.7)

Begrudgingly keeping the commandments is not beneficial (Moro. 7.6)

Instagram photo summary

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